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  The City Shrine of Maha Sarakham
Catagorize: Other religious & spiritural sites
Contact: In front of Lak Mueang Maha Sarakham School, Amphoe Mueang, Maha Sarakham

The City Shrine of Maha Sarakham was erected in 1865. When Thao Mahachai, the first ruler of Maha Sarakham, had assembled people from Roi Et to found a new province, he decided to erect the city pillar and invited the guardian spirit to take up residence within. Since then the sacred city shrine has been regarded as a highly venerable venue where generations of Maha Sarakham locals go pay homage to.  

The erection of the current city pillar took place in 1912. Initially the pillar was made of wood until 1952 that it underwent the restoration and area expansion. In 1984 when there was another renovation took place, the Fine Arts Department played a major role in constructing a new pillar to ensure that it is properly designed. The city shrine is a tetrahedron with entrances from 4 directions. The main pillar was made from a gilded and lacquered timber of Golden Shower Tree.

The City Shrine of Maha Sarakham is situated in front of Lak Muang School, on Nakhon Sawan Road which is one of the main and frequently used roads of the province. Even when tourists from Bangkok heads to Kalasin, Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Panom, Ban Phaeng or Renu Nakhon via Maha Sarakham, it is unavoidable to pass this road. 

Maha Sarakham locals and passersby have to display respect by a hand gesture or blow the car horn because they believe in the sanctity of the shrine. People generally go there in order to pay homage (sometimes with offerings) and plead for the financial prosperity or academic achievement. If you happen to visit Maha Sarakham province, stop and pay respect to the city shrine and the city pillar for better fortune and a safe journey.  


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