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  Khong Kut Wai Fish Sanctuary
Catagorize: Parks & Gardens, Zoos and Aquariums

Fish sanctuary is located at Ban Khong Kut Wai, Moo 7, Keong subdistrict, Muang district, Maha Sarakham province. It is 6 kilometers away from Maha Sarakham district office according to Maha Sarakham – Mukdaharn route. The sanctuary is inside Kut Wai. The word “Kut” refers to the river course which changes its course for a long time. 

In the past, surrounded the Kut was abundant of “Wai” or the rattan palms around the middle hills. Reeds and elephant grasses are abundantly found around the river bend. In the past, Phra Kru Phitak Kosum Phisai (Ya Kru Mong), the abbot of Wat Pho Sri set the house of monk and collected the grass to cover the religious places. At present, the villagers call this temple Wat Phitak Samakki Pho Sri 2.

In 1994, the Mobile Agricultural Service Center and Royal Irrigation Department dug the river into the river bend on the same route. The widest area is 120 meters which is 10 meters deep in the group. The curve is horseshoe-shaped which is approximately 800 meters long. It can contain 96,000 cubic metre. In the west, there is natural watercourse flowing to the Kut. In the north, there is Khon Kut Wai village where Thai-Laos and Korat people live there.

Around October in 1994, there was a big flood from Chee river merged to Khon Kut Wai and flowed into Moon and Khon rivers respectively. Pho fish, which is in Swai species (Northeastern people call it Suai or Wang), lives in Khon river and at the mouth of Moon river. They formed into a big group and swam against the current which has never happened before. The reason might be caused from Kang Tana, which is the isle and rock nook, was bombed in order to build Pak Moon dam. The fish los their habitat and had to swim aginst the current to join with other fish such as Tapien, Yisok, Nil and Nai fish. They all live in Khon Kut Wait especially Pao Mai fish. They are big fish with 2 meters length and always swim up to the water surface to eat the food given by visitors.

When the number of the fish is many hundred-thousands of fish, people saw it as a good sign. So they closed the watercourse, not to let it flowed to Chee river. Later, the government sector reinforced the ridge to be 30 meters long and 8 meters wide and called it “Fish Sanctuary”. The management of the fish sanctuary is based on the culture. Everyone in the village has together joined hands by having the Buddhist temple as the center.

Inside the temple are animals people let the temple to take care of such as crocodiles, foxes, monkeys, eagles, rabbits, birds and guinea pigs. There is also a northeastern museum and Fish Conservation project in front of the temple to celebrate His Majesty the King’s 50 years accession to the throne. Catching marine animals and doing fishery in plant conservation zone are not permitted. Those who violate the rules will receive the punishment of not over 10,000 baht or not over 6 months in jail or both.

Inside the sanctuary, there are stalls selling fish food. The wooden bridge with 1 meter 60 centimeters wide, 83 meters long across the river bend to the temple area is used as the place where people feed and watch the fish. The four booths at the riverside and ten 3x5.5 meters rafts are available for visitors to have meal and watch the fish. The sanctuary is a popular tourist attraction where people always visit. 


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