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Catagorize: Royal Project, Research and Development


Isan (Northeastern) Cultural & Art Center is located at Rajabhat Maha Sarakham Institute around Kwang road (talad), Talad subdistrict, Muang district, Maha Sarakham province, Inside are the exhibitions representing the origin of Isan art and culture, which is outstanding and unique, such as cloth pattern weaving. Moreover, there are palm leaves Isan literatures which are rare to be seen nowadays, only a few have a chance to see these palm leaves literatures. 

Furthermore, there are slides about Isan culture and tradition. Tourists who visit these Isan Cultural & Art Center will take the knowledge and impression back home.

Isan cultural and art at present are recognizable through various ways of learning. However, few people have a chance to see and experience the real Isan culture and art. To provide a chance to people or students, university students to study and experience the real Isan culture and art, the Isan Cultural & Art Center is built. The center plays an important part to conserve and spread Isan culture and art, so as not to be lost or forgotten when time passes by.

This Isan cultural & art center is suitable for students and university students who wish to study. Moreover, 

it is recommended for tourists to experience the real Isan culture and art. Families who have some free time can bring their children and grandchildren to the center. Visiting the center will build up a learning habit and will be part of spreading culture and art to next generation and to conserve the culture and art to stay in the local for many generations to come. 

Tourists can visit Isan cultural & art center during office hours. To go there, take the same route to Rajabhat Maha Sarakham university. 


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