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   Wat Sri Mongkol Tai
Catagorize: Temple
Contact: Moo 1 ,Tambol Mookdaharn, Amphur Muang Tel. -

Wat Sri Mongkol Tai is located in Tambol Mookdaharn, Amphur Muang. It is an ancient temple built during the Thonburi Kingdom. It is located on Samranchaikong Road, on the bank of Mekong River in the Mookdaharn city. Inside the temple, there is a plaster work Buddha statue located as the statue of the city. This statue has been worshipped by the Thai and Lao people since a period of time. There was no clear evidence when this statue was built. It is 2.2 meters wide and 2 meters high. 

The legend mentioned that after Chao Chantorn Suriyawongse, the Ponsin Ruler in Laos, died, when Chao Kinnaree was in the middle of the construction, he found 2 Buddha statues; the big one is a plaster work Buddha statue, the small one is a steel Buddha statue under the Bodhi tree. Therefore, Chao Kinnaree built a temple to keep those Buddha statues. One day the monks went to worship the statues but could not find the steel Buddha statue. When they searched around, they found the steel Buddha statue under the Bodhi Tree and it was buried into the soil except for the head part, which is considered a miracle. Therefore, Chao Kinnaree built a worshipping point in front of it and named the statue “Phra Loob Lhek”. The other one inside the temple is called “Phra Chao Ong Luang”. 

Then in year 1778, during the country construction time, Chao Kinnaree was appointed the first Mookdaharn Ruler and Wat Sri Mongkol was the location where the ceremony was performed. Then, when a new temple was built in the area of Srimongkol, it was named Wat Sri Mongkol (Nhua) and the original one was called Wat Sri Mongkol (Tai). 


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