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  Huai Khi Lek Reservoir
Catagorize: Dam,Reservoir, Lake
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Mukdahan Province has such an exquisite landscape with forests of rare plant, islands, and spectacular mountains. It is unique and is a river source which can nourish people in the province really well. The province area is at the bank of the Ganges River. There is a beautiful conserved forest that facilitates the people’s lifestyles. It is an important natural resource, making the area covered with trees. The damp soil creates natural food for humans and animals. As a result, the rainfall in Mukdahan remains seasonal. However, there is a man-made water source in the province—a reservoir. There are 2 medium-sized reservoirs which can provide water for agriculture: Huai Khi Lek Reservoir in Nikom Kham Soi District and Huai Chanot Reservoir in Dong Luang District.

Huai Khi Lek Reservoir is located on the highway number 212 (Mukdahan- Loeng Nok Tha route) before the entrance to Phu Mu Forest Park, which is 2 kilometers from Nikom Kham Soi District and approximately 23 kilometers from the city center of Mukdahan Province. Above the reservoir is a large lake. This place is one of the spectacular tourist attractions in Mukdahan Province.

Huai Khi Lek Reservoir is an important tourist attraction in Mukdahan Province with a breath-taking scenery, especially in the north of Huai Khi Lek Reservoir. It is a large lake and a habitat of freshwater animals, including shrimps, shellfish, crabs, and fish. Therefore, Huai Khi Lek Reservoir is like an important lake of Mukdahan Province. It is merely 23 kilometers from the city center of Mukdahan.

As for the tourists who love ecotourism and adventure, Huai Khi Lek Reservoir in Mukdahan can be one of good choices that the tourists should not overlook. This is because Huai Khi Lek Reservoir has been developed to a tourist attraction by Mukdahan Province so that people in Mukdahan Province and tourists who visit Mukdahan Province can relax.

The tourists who wish to visit Huai Khi Lek Reservoir can take the highway number 212 from the city center of Mukdahan for approximately 23 kilometers. Huai Khi Lek Reservoir is situated northward of Phu Mu Forest Park.


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