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  Namtok Sarika
Catagorize: Waterfalls

NamtokSarika is the most famous waterfall in NakhonNayok – and for good reason. Located in Sarika Sub-district, the nine-tier waterfall plunges down a cliff onto a forested hillside, and has large pools at each tier, offering pleasant swimming spots. Accommodation, restaurants and souvenir shops are available nearby. Local products, including brooms and artificial flowers made from wild pine, are sold in shops around the waterfall.

A famous revered senior monk, LuangPu Man, once lived in nearby Sarika Cave during his hermetic meditations between 1917-1920. A chapel can also be found at the top end of the cave. Nowadays, monks and nuns continue to pursue inner-path meditation respites in residences nearby.

To get to NamtokSarika, drive along Highway No. 3049 for about 12 kilometers, then take a left turn to Highway No. 3050 and proceed for another 3 kilometers.


The waterfall is open to visitors from 8.00 am-5.00 pm daily.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th