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Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments
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Phra That Maha Chai

The temple is located at Kositaram Temple, in Maha Chai sub-district, Pla Pak district in Nakhon Phanom.


Popped rice, perfume, grilled sticky rice, lotus, 17 incenses, 2 white candles

History of Phra That Maha Chai

Phra That Maha Chai was constructed in 1975 by the request of Luang Pu Kampun Kosapanyo. The stupa is in octagon with the base 32 meters wide and 32 meters high. There are two levels; the lower one is 2.50 meters high and the upper one is 2 meters high. The main stupa is 10.50 meters high with 15 meters high in total. It is 16 meters high when tier umbrella is included. 

In 1969, one of Luang Pu’s students, Phra Maha Chavet, who was residing at Vientiane, gave the relics of Phra Anyagontanya, one of Buddha first followers, to be located at the stupa.

In 1971, Luang Pu performed a ceremony of laying down the foundation stone of Phra That.

In 1947, when Police Lieutenant General Wasit Detchagunchorn (rank at that time) had visited the sub-district and police team, he saw the stupa and wanted to know about the place. He then informed the King Rama IX.

Later on 25th May 1975 which was Visakabucha Day, the King and the Queen performed the ceremony of placing the relics to the stupa and walked with lighted candles in hand around a temple followed by courtiers and people.

The present stupa was built around the old one by the order of Luang Pu Kumpan which was 1 meter wide from the old one. The height is 37 meters from the base. The meaning of octagon is 8 ways to cessation of the sufferings which are right views, right understanding, right remarks, right doings, right works, diligence, right conscience and right concentration. The 37-meter height represents 37 dharma lessons including 4 Sattipatthana, 4 Summupathan, 4 Ithibat, 5 Insee, 5 Pala, 8 Pochong and 8 Maggas. To build the stupa around the old one, it was needed the permission from the royal office in order to be able to construct the place for celebrating the King Rama IX’s 50th year of succeeding the throne in 1996. There are also the monk residence of Luang Pu Kumpan, bell tower, Dharma School, and pavilion. Within the pavilion, there is a portrait of Luang Pu and Phra Puttha Chinnarat statue. M Inside the convocation hall is the largest wooden Buddha image in Thailand. The hall also has a most beautiful mural of the life of Lord Buddha. 


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