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  Lum Praplerng Dam
Catagorize: Dam,Reservoir, Lake
Contact: Amphoe Pak Thong Chai, Nakhon Ratchasima Tel. +66 4437 3184 ext. 114

Lum Praplerng Dam is located in Paktongchai district, Nakornradchasima province. Normally, visitors know many famous dams in Thailand like Bhumibol Dam, Sirikit Dam, or other famous dams as tourists’ attractions in many provinces of Thailand. Lum Praplerng Dam gained its fame from its natural beauty, and its environment. On either sides of the dam are groves of many beauties, and upstream lies waterfalls for example, Klongkinamkhunjone Falls, and Laorngchompu Falls. Lum Praplerng Dam can be regarded as Nakornradchasima’s (Koraj) most revere attraction since long time ago. Visitors love traveling here to rest their heart and bask in mother-nature’s presence. Also, they can do water activities such as, canoeing, fishing, swimming, etc. This place is one of her majesty queen Sirikit’s favorites. Whenever her majesty visits this place she will always stay in Lum Praplerng Dam’s royal guest house.

Lum Praplerng Dam is a big water reserve which has serene scenery and also fresh air fits for relaxing, eating, and canoeing in any occasions. Forests on both sides of the dam are also perfect spots for camping. People around this area use water in their everyday life. The route to this place also has settlements of Mon people since the reign of king Rama I, which we can observe their lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. There are many fruit fields in this area, but the most notable fruit is the Sapodilla. Another attraction in this area is Lum Praplerng Temple which is an ancient temple and an interesting place to visit. This dam was constructed in 1962 by building a dam from So Mountain to Luang Mountain at Baan Buhuachaang, Takob sub-district, Paktongchai district, Nakornradchasima province. The purpose of this dam is to reserve water in agricultural activities and to prevent flood. The dam was opened in 1967, and in the control of the Royal Irrigation Department since then. In present days, this dam is an important attraction of Wung Namkhiew district. Visitors who come through this route always take some pictures and relax in the beauty of nature here. Those who have heard about this place’s beauty mostly come here to camp along the dam’s banks.

The dam is a long lake along the waterway. From the dam itself it is 12 kilometers long to the end of the lake. It can hold 320 million cubic meters of water, and can hold water at approximately 807 kilometers from the dam.


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