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  Baan Kiriwong
Catagorize: Village, Community

Kiriwong Village


                Kiriwong village is located at Kamlonsubdistrict, Laan Saka district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province.
It was originated from the old community who migrated to live at KhaoLuang foothill, Kamlonsubdistrict which is the pathway to KhaoLuang’s peak. Villagers have peaceful lifestyle and live as groups of their own relatives.
The main occupation there is gardening of fruits combination called “SuanSomrom” which has mangosteen, rambutan, durian and Pakria. There are also Kiriwong communities which are tie-dying group, herb group, weaving from coconut shell group, processing fruit juice group, wine group and durian jam group. Each group has its own product, which is popular among
the customers and tourists who always buy them back as souvenirs. The products has reasonable price with high quality.
On 21st, November 1988 (the same year as Talumpuk cape, Pak Phanang district incident), there was a big flood
which flushed away over 100 houses. The temple and Kiriwong people has conserved the president Buddha Image in Ubosot hall and the houses damaged from flood as historical sites.

                Since Kiriwong is located amidst the mountain, forest and river, the outstanding feature of Kiriwong village is its natural scenery. For those who would like to visit this place, the interesting activities are staying at homestay-type accommodation and trying local food. For those who visit during fruitful season, you will have a chance to try different types of fruits. From the past until nowadays, the main occupation of Kiriwong people is growing fruits such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan and Longkong. There is an old boat made of the whole log which was called “RuaNuae”. In the past,
Kiriwong people used this type of boat to carry fruits in order to trade for food and necessary goods from people living on the hill away from the mountain area. Between April – September, it is the primetime for walking up the hill and trekking. Kiriwong village has its guides and workers who help you carry your bags so tourists can see the view and take photos of historical sites affected from flood in 1975 and 1988 and the river of life. They can also see and buy OTOP products and
see the making method at the demonstration spots. Kiriwong has various types of products. The one which is selected as
5-star OTOP product is natural color tie-dyed cloth.

                Kiriwong community is the model community of ecological tourism management. They also won the excellent award of Thailand Tourism in 1998 in city and community category. The reasons are the community has a gardener’s lifestyle with close nature; the development for offering service to tourists such as guiding, trekking, providing workers;
the establishment of conservational tourism as the center of community and create the participation. It is worthwhile to visit this village because you will not only have a chance to experience the beauty of nature, but you can also experience
the villager’s lifestyle and local food.


                To travel to Kiriwong village from Muang district, drive along Highway Number 4016. Then turn left into
Highway Number 4015, turn right at 9th kilometer into Kiriwong village which is around 9 kilometers away. Another choice is getting on the red minivan from Yao market in Muang district. The van leaves for the village during 7.00 – 16.00 hours.
The fee is 20 baht. 

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th