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Catagorize: Other religious & spiritural sites

Phra Buddha Sihing is the Buddha Statue of Nakorn Si Thammarat. It is one of the most beautiful statues in Thailand. There are 3 of these statues in Thailand which are at;

-Phra Buddha Sihing dormitory in Nakorn Si Thammarat

-Puttaisawan Throne Hall, Phra Nakorn Museum

-Wat Pra Singh, Chiangmai


As the history mentioned, Phra Buddha Sihing was assumed to be build in Sri Lanka around B.C. 700. It was popular for the sacredness and the beauty. Therefore, King Ramkamhaeng appointed King Sritummasokarat to Sri Lanka in order to ask for this Buddha Statue. Then, this statue was invited to Nakorn Si Thammarat and celebrated for 7 days. King Sritummasokarat ordered the local craftsmen to imitate this Buddha statue and invited to Sukothai. Phra Buddha Sihing at Nakorn Si Thammarat was built according to the local craftsmen which was called “Kanom Tom” meaning round hands, smiling face, lotus sitting position, scarf in the length of the chest.


Phra Buddha Sihing dormitory is where the Phra Buddha Sihing of Nakorn Si Thammarat is located. Originally, the dormitory was the dormitory of the City Ruler. It was located between the city hall and the city court. It was built to compensate the old one in year 1914. It is a viharn facing to the east side and divided into 2 parts separated by a wall. The front part is where the Phra Buddha Sihing is located with two Buddha Statues beside it. The other half is where the ash of the Na Nakorn family is at. 


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th