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  Wat Phumin
Catagorize: Temple
Contact: Nan 55000 Tel. +66 5452 1118

Wat Phumin is a royal temple located near Nan National Museum in Nan city as the area is called Nai Vieng which means ‘inside the city’ in Thai. According to Nan’s chronicle, Phra Chao Chettabutr Phrommin, the ruler of Nan, had the temple constructed after the 6th year of his reign, in 1596. The temple was once called “Wat Phrommin” before the name became mispronounced as “Phumin”
    300 years later, in 1876, Wat Phumin underwent a huge renovation in the reign of Chao Anantaworaritthidej. The renovation took place for 7 years. The renowned mural painting was also painted during this time. The mural painting, or “Hoop Tam” in the northern dialect, depicts Jataka, the tales of Buddha in his past lives. However, when looking at the picture closely, we will see the daily life of Nan people, for example, one of the paintings shows a Tai Lue tradition called “Yoo Kuang” in which a man is allowed to meet a woman who can be his potential wife in the evening. Besides, there are paintings portraying commercial trading, tribal people, handcrafting, and local architecture. Moreover, the influence of the western culture, such as fashion and hairstyles, can be noticed in the paintings. Wat Phumin is also famous for its cruciform building, which is the only cruciform religious building in Thailand. The cruciform shape makes the temple look like it is situated on the back of two Nagas. The building combines an ubosot, located in the north-south direction; a vihara, in the east-west direction; and a pagoda. The temple appeared on 1-Baht banknote during World War II and the Ancient City in Samutprakran province also has a mock temple of Wat Phumin. Apart from all of those, another interesting site in Wat Phumin is a stupa painted the picture of Hell inside to scare those who are about to commit bad deeds.
    Visitors can go there by Highway No. 1080 and Maha Yos Road. Turn right at Wat Suan Tarn to Pha Kong Road. Wat Phumin is on the right side. For more information, please contact +66 5452 1118.

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