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  Ban Huai Kon Border Market
Catagorize: Local Market
Contact: Nan 55130 Tel. 0 5452 1118


Located about 138 kilometres away from Nan Town, Ban Huai Kon Border Market is in the area of the Ban Huai Kon-Muang Ngeun, Sainyabuli border crossing between Thailand and Laos. It is open on Saturdays from early morning till nearly noon. Goods sold here include, for example, the Tai Lue people’s Lai Nam Lai textiles, forest produce, Arenga Palm fruit, etc.


In addition, Thai and Laotian citizens are allowed to cross the border every day from 8:00 to 17:00. To cross the Thailand-Laos border here at Ban Huai Kon, a temporary border pass is, at least, required. However, for those under 15 who wish to use the temporary border pass, parental permission is needed. The temporary border pass can be used only once and it allows visitors to stay only in the Laotian province of Sainyabuli for no more than three days.




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