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  Nuntabury National Park
Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: Nan 55190 Tel. +668 1042 8893, +668 1602 7286

Nuntabury National Park is located in Tawangpa District, Nan District, Banluang District in Nan province. It has biological diversity and it is an origin of many rivers. Under the communist power, this park used to be an important stronghold.
    In the north and south of the national park, there are a lot of mountains. It is situated in the west area in Nan province. This place is 300-1,674 metre above sea level. Doiwow which is the top of mountain is 1,674 metre above sea level. Moreover, this place is an origin of many streams such as Samun Stream, Sanien Stream, Wow Stream, Yao Stream, Pee Stream, Tum Stream, Seepun Stream, Salai Stream, Rapee Stream , Kang Stream etc.
    About climate, there are 3 seasons which are summer (from March to May), rainy season (from June to October) and winter (from November to February). The lowest mean temperature is about 8 °C and the highest one is approximately 41°C.
    If you want to go to Nuntabury national park, you can use highway number 1080 from Nan District to Tawangpa District.  Then, turn left to highway number 1148(Tawangpa-Songkue) and go to this way around 1.5 km. After that, turn left again to highway number 1082 (Nanoon-Sobkun) and go on this way until you see 27th milestone. When you see the milestone, turn right for about 500 metre. Then, you will be at your destination. If you want more information, please do not hesitate to call 08-9999-2420 or 08-0131-1395.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th