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  Ao Manao Khao Tanyong National Park
Catagorize: Beaches & Bay
Contact: Mu 1, Kaluwo Nuea, Mueang Narathiwat, Narathiwat 96000, Thailand Tel. -

This curved beach, located within a national park, extends for 4 kilometers along the eastern sea coast of Pattani, and is dotted with boulders. One end of the beach borders Phra Tamnak Thaksin Ratchaniwet, a royal palace. Along the beach, there is an arboretum and a line of pine trees, providing perfect places for leisurely strolls. A nature trail of about 1 kilometer offers an opportunity for a walk or a closer look at nature. Drought-resistant plants line the trail, known in Thai as Chik Thale, Manao Phi, and Toei Thale (seashore screw pine). Private accommodation is available for overnight stays in the area.

The Ao Manao – Khao Tanyong National Park is located in Mu 1, Tambon Kaluwo Nuea. To get there, take Highway 4084 (Narathiwat - Tak Bai) for around 3 kilometers. Then, turn off the main road towards the beach for another 3 kilometers.

Website: http://www.watklang.org