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  Ta Sadet Market
Catagorize: Local Market, Floating Market
Contact: Amphoe Mueang, Nong Khai Tel. -

“Ta Sadet Market” “Ta Rue Market” or “Indochina Market” is a popular market on the bank of Mekong River in the municipality district of Nhongkai. The name was named after the characteristic of the market. The name Indochina Market was given because this market is the center of the products from the countries in Indochina such as Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China etc. The other two names were given because in the ancient time before the building of the Thai-Laos friendship bridge, the bank of the Mekong River was used as the passing point between Thailand and Laos. Therefore, there used to be many ferries and people in this area. That is why it was called “Ta Rue Market” (Harbour Market). Then, in year 1955, there was a big flood. After the flood, the King and the Queen came to visit the people here and the ship dock at Ta Rue Market. Therefore, the name Ta Rue Market was changed to Sadet Market (Sadet means proceeding) and was called like that since then.


There are variety of products sold here such as rice, electronic equipment, toys, clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, kitchenware, tiles, house decoration, food, fruit etc. The popular souvenir here is white pork sausage, Chinese sausage and the Northeastern style sausage. The tourists can choose from many shops. In the middle area of the market, there are many shops that sell the local products. Apart from being the place to shop, it is also a landmark for the tourists to take pictures with the two-headed King of Nagas and also the view on the bank of Mekong River.  


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