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  Wat Chonprathan Rangsarit
Catagorize: Temple

Wat Chonprathan Rangsarit is located on Tiwanon road, 1, Bang Talat sub-district in Nonthaburi province or at Nonthaburi-Ha Yak Pak Kret road. Inside the temple, there is a vast space for promulgate and study Buddhist teachings. Also, bamboo lawn is open for Buddhists in order to perform religious rituals or listen to Dharma teachings from Phra Phrommangkhalachan Thep Wisutthimethi or known as Phra Panya Nantha Phikkhu, the former senior monk, on Sundays from 9 o’clock in the morning on. Though the teaching may be easy to understand, it is filled with sophisticated Dharma and idealistic three refuges. The venerable monk Panya Nantha Phikkhu is one of the well-known monks who are full of morals and kindness; he could teach different kinds of people to grab the idea of Buddha teachings. He is the first monk daring to change the Thai extravagant religious ritual into a useful, simple and appropriate one such as the simple funeral at Wat Chonprathan Rangsarit where there is only Dharma teaching without any food catering, performances or wreathes. He is then named “the reverend monk who reformed Thai Buddhist rituals”. Nowadays and during religious days, there are activities such as praying, Dharma teachings and offering lunch to the monks at rock-arched lawn.

When M.L. Choochart Kumpoo, the director-general of Royal Irrigation Department, visited Wat Umong in Chiangmai and got the chance to listen the venerable monk Panya Nantha Phikkhu’s teaching who was staying at Wat Umong at that time. He admired the reverend monk’s new method of teaching; from sitting on a chair holding a palm leaf into teaching while standing in front of the public and giving up-to-date examples. It help drew more number of Buddhists to come and learn Dharma. That is when Wat Chonprathan Rangsarit is started. The temple was built in 1959 and the venerable monk Panya Nantha Phikkhu was invited to stay and become the senior monk there in 1960. At the present, Phra Mahacharoen Sutthi Yanmethi, 7th grade graduation in Buddhist theology, is meanwhile taking care of the temple after the venerable monk had passed away on 10th October, 2007 with Pneumonia and kidney failure diseases at Siriratch Hospital at 96 years old.      


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