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  Laem Ta Chi or Laem Pho
Catagorize: Beaches & Bay
Contact: Amphoe Yaring, Pattani Tel. -

This white-sand peninsula extends far into the Gulf of Thailand from Talo-kapo Beach and curves to the west, protecting the entrance to Pattani harbor. At the end of the beach is an open area with a wider view of the sea and the coast of Pattani. 

There are several ways to get to Laem Ta Chi. The most direct is by boat from the mouth of Pattani River or from the pier in Yaring, but the trip takes more than an hour. Less direct, but quicker, is to go by car, taking Highway 42 southeast of Pattani town about 13 kilometers to the intersection in the center of Yaring town. Turn left at the intersection and follow a small road across the Yaring canal for about 4 kilometers to Highway 4157, which leads to the end of the peninsula. 

Website: http://www.rtafgolf.rtaf.mi.th