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Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments

Yarang Ancient City

Yarang ancient city is one of the biggest historical city in South of Thailand and is also believed to be the location of the “Langasuka” or “Langyasiaw” empire from the old, according to ancient letters of the Chinese, the Malays, and the Arabs.

Yarang city’s plan is in a shape of a big oval. Its scale is 9 kilometers squares and this city has also been constructed on top of the old city for 3 times, connecting each city together.

The first one is Baanwat ancient city. This city features a square in the center, and surrounding by moats and hills that was once walls for the city. This city is in the west and the north of Yarang ancient city and is closed to Baanjale ancient city, one of the three cities in Yarang city.

The second is Baanjale ancient city which has a great pond surrounding by rectangular moats. This city is 1 kilometer further to the north of Baanwat ancient city.

The last city is Baanprawae ancient city. This is a moats city and is in a rectangular outline, also consists of 4 forts, one in each corner. The city also connected to Baanjale city and Seemummuang (4-cornered city) in the north via irrigation canals.

Aside from 3 big cities, irrigation canals, and moats, inside of Yarang city still consists of small constructions more than 30 places.

Visitors who would like to visit this place in groups can contact the Reparation and Construction of Ancient city Yarang in Pattani province. Office time is Monday to Friday 8.00-16.30. Contact number is 0 7343 9093. Visitors can take Siroros road (route 410) from Pattani southward to Yala about 15 kilometers, turn left to Yarang-Maayor road (route 4061) about 1.2 kilometers, and then turn left to the ancient city area northward about 400 meters until visitors are there. From Pattani the distance is about 15 kilometers, and from Yala the distance is about 25 kilometers.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th