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  Ban Paseyawo
Catagorize: Village, Community

Ban Paseyawo is located at Paseyawo Village, Panare District, Pattani Province. This is famous for Koleh Boat building. To visit here, use the road that leads to Kae Kae Beach on the Public Highway No. 42 to Saiburi District. The distance is 50 kilometers. Then use the Public Highway No. 4157 (Saiburi – Panare) for about 2 kilometers. There is an intersection to Paseyawo Village. Then drive on the road along the beach to Ban Paseyawo.

Koleh Boat is a fishing boat used in the southern region of Thailand. It is made from boards. The front and the back part are taller than the boat’s body. The front and the back of some boats are sharp. Some has short front part and cut back part. It is painted with colorful patterns. This elaborated pattern is the uniqueness of Koleh Boat. It is the combination of Thai, Islamic, Chinese and other art styles due to the influence of environment including geography, climate, society, and lifestyle. In Pattani, there are 3 ethnics, Thai Buddhists, Thai Muslims, and Chinese people. The paintings that Muslims decorate the boat have some limits due to Islamic beliefs.

Ban Paseyawo people produce from actual-sized Koleh Boat for fishing and small Koleh Boat as a souvenir. Koleh Boat production here is well known due to the pattern from the combination of Thai and Muslim art. The price of small Koleh Boats depends on the pattern and the size of the boat. The smallest one, most are 2 – 3.5 inches, are about 200 baht. The biggest one is 1 meter which is about 10,000 baht. The competition of souvenir Koleh Boat is held frequently. Craftsmen therefore build beautiful boats to participate the competition.

Moreover, Ban Paseyawo is also well known for making Budu Sauce, a fish sauce of southern region. It is a way to process food from fish. It is delicious and made with clean manufacturing and no preservatives.

For more information, please contact the 3rd District of Tourism Authority of Thailand at 0 7351 6144 and 0 7352 2411or at Tourism Authority of Thailand call center 1147.


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