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Catagorize: Green Travel, Other nature sites, Waterfalls , National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: 65/16 Tambon Bang Wan, Amphoe Khura Buri, Phang-nga Tel. +66 7641 2611, +668 9473 5007, +668 6952 5246

The area of Si Pang Nga national park, the country’s 56th national park, covers KhuraBuri and Takuapa districts in Pang Nga province. It is one of the five national parkestablished tocommemoratethe 60th birthday anniversary of His Majesty King BhumibolAdulyadej on 5 December 1987. This fertile and beautiful forest is home to a large variety of flora and fauna, serves as the headwater, as well as occupies scenic waterfalls and cliffs.

General topography of the national park is rugged mountain range parallel to the coast of Andaman Sea from North to South. The forest on high elevation is fertile, so itbecomes a sanctuary for wildlife.It is also the source of numerous awe-inspiring hills, cliffs, streams and waterfalls such as KhlongKhu Rot, Khlong Tam Nang, KhlongPhraekKhwa, KhlongPhraek Sai, KhlongBang Dang, Khlong Bang Wan and Khlong Bang Yai.

It rains almost all year round. As a result, there are only 2 seasons, namely dry seasonwhich extends from January to April, and rainy season from May to December with a fair amount of rain. The average temperature is between 26-29 Celsius. 

The main area is moist evergreen forest and dominated by many species of the Dipterocarpaceae family including Iron Wood, Pakria, Santol, AmooraculcullataRoxb,Heritierasumatranaand Ceylon Iron Wood. Moreover, there are herbs, creepers, mosses, ferns and other low structure plants. Wild animals can be commonly found,especially when they evacuate from the area near ChiaoLan Dam in SuratThani which is adjacent to the national park. For example, Malaya tapir, serow, elephant, barking deer, beer tiger, lesser mouse deer, gibbon, macaque, langur,banteng and wild boar. In addition to these, there are plenty of birds such as parrot,wild fowl, hornbill, Asian barbet, drongo, bulbul, woodpecker, etc. In terms of reptiles, there are turtle, soft-shelled turtle, iguana, roughneck monitor lizard, snake and chameleon. Amphibians found in the area are Blyth's river frog, toad, green frog and bullfrog.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th/parkreserve/asp/style1/location.asp