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  Phraya Thukkharat (Chuai) Monument
Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments, Landmarks and Memorials
Contact: Amphoe Mueang, Phatthalung Tel. +66 7423 1055, +66 7423 1055, +66 7423 8518

From the town of Phattalung, if you take the highway 4047 passing through the city hall until reaching Mirum T-junction, you will find one outstanding monument located on the pathway, the opposite side of the Kanjanapisek Park. This monument is known asPhraya Thukkharat (Chuai) Monument, the most revered monument in Phattalung.

Phraya Thukkharat is considered one of the most important in Phattalung during the reign of King Rama I. According to the history, Phraya Thukkharat was also once a monk named PhraMahaChuai who resided at Wat Pa Lilai. When Siam battled a war with Burmese troop, PhraMahaChuai rallied villagers to help Phraya Phatthalung defeat Burmese forces. When he left the monkhood, he was appointed by the king to be Phraya Thukkharat to help the city lord. His title of Phraya is of equal rank to the city lord.

As a result from Phraya Thukkharat‘s bravery and sacrafice, people in Phattalung and the city municipal  then constructed the monument in his name to honor his courage. The sculpture was made of unpolished brass in a half size positioned on the two sides with 2 bas-relief sculptures. If you have a chance to visit Phattalung, do come pay homage to Phraya Thukkharat (Chuai) Monument around Mirum T-junction which is 2.5 kilometers away from the city hall.

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