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  Hat Saen Suk Lampam
Catagorize: Beaches & Bay
Contact: Amphoe Mueang, Phatthalung Tel. +66 7423 1055, +66 7423 1055, +66 7423 8518

Saen Suk Lum Pum beach is situated at Lum Pum Sub-District, Muang District, Phattalung. It is 7 kilometers far from the center of the town to the east. There are tons of pine trees all along the beach nearby Songkhla Lake. If you look in to the front, you can somehow see the beautiful view of Songkhla Lake. The view of these beautiful islands in the middle of Songkla Lake has never failed to impress any of its visitors. Also, this place is full of history as King Rama V was once here and stayed overnight at the beach. Now, Phattalung official has develop and promote this beach in order to make it as one of the best tourist attractions of Phattalung.

When you first step into the area of Saen Suk Lum Pum beach, you will encounter the statue of King Rama V in his Thai traditional costume on the left. If you keep going for a little further, you will spot a picture of Manohra, one of the most important art shows of Phattalung. And, if you keep going all the way down to the end of the walk way, you will meet with fountain spring with the decorations of Irawadee dolphin and Lam Pam fish. From this spot, you can see the view of ‘Sala Lam Pam Teerak’ which is a water pavilion. Besides, there is as well a bridge that will connect you to Koh Lam Pam situated nearby the fountain spring. 

Koh Lam Pam is a big island that lies in the middle of the sea. With the 16 acres area, Koh Lam Pam still is famous for their beauty and richness in natural resources. It is a perfect place for relaxation and recreation. It has been said that Koh Lam Pam is the only spot on the west side of the lake that can see the view of the beautiful sea. If you look to the east of the lake, you will also see the beauty of Moo Koh See Koh Ha. If you think you need a place to clear you mind and you really seek for a perfect getaway place, please be reminded that Saen Suk Lum Pum beach should be your first choice!

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th