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  Bangkaew Handicrafts Leather Center
Catagorize: Village, Community
Contact: located at Mu 1, Ban Bang Kaeo, Tambon Tha Maduea, 36 km from the town of Phatthalung Tel. 0 7469 7160

Shadow play has been counted as a local show of southern Thailand. Shadow play tells a story by singing poetry in a local southern accent. The shadow that reflects on the fabric screen can somehow attract audiences’ attention. Shadow play is a precious cultural heritage of Thailand and it should be inherited to the new generations. This is why the Shadow Play Art Center was initiated as it aims to pass on this terrific art to the new generations.

Shadow Play Art Center is located at Phetkasem road, Khuhasawan Sub-District, Muang District, Phattalung. It was built and taken care by Kittithat Sorawong. The shadow play art center plays an important role in spreading out how beautiful shadow play is throughout Thailand as well as international. 

There is a museum inside the Shadow Play Art Center which displays the characters of each shadow play. Presently, there are approximately 300-400 kinds of shadow play characters. The head master characters are Phra Ruesri and Phra Isuan, the main characters are Chao Muang, Nang Muang and Demon, and many more of the normal characters. Visitors will be enjoying walking through the museum as it can very well tell you about the history of Shadow play, the craftsmen who created it, the process of making shadow play. Besides, making shadow play class is as well provided here for anyone who interested in the art of shadow play two times a year, 20 hours per courses.

Operating time: daily

Entrance fees: Free

For further information, please call 0 7461 1790, 08 1693 7220 

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th