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  Hoo Rae Pond
Catagorize: River, Canal, Dam,Reservoir, Lake
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“Hoo Rae Water Reserve” or “Hoo Rae Canal” is another interesting attraction and a really famous one of Taamaduer sub-district, Baangkaew district, Pattalung province.

Hoo Rae Water Reserve is a large canal which has clear pristine water and has a white sandy canal floor. The water here is deep enough for visitors to swim and relax. The water of this reserve comes from forests in the Buntud Mountains, around Tamode and Gongrha district, Pattalung. The reserve has many restaurants on the bank which visitors can enjoy eating while watching the calming and soothing environment.

Hoo Rae Water Reserve is located at Taamaduer sub-district, Baangkaew district, Pattalung. It is 33 kilometers far from Pattalung city.

Visitors who interest in this place can come at anytime, no closing day. The atmosphere here is serene, fit for families to relax and enjoy their vacation together. There are not many people here, unlike other attractions. The pure environment here makes this place a perfect natural attraction for everyone, from Thais to foreigners.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th