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  Thale Noi Waterfowl Reserve
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ThaleNoi Wildlife Reserve or known as “ThaleNoi Waterfowl Reserve” is located in ThaleNoi sub-district, KhuanKhanun district in Phatthalung province. The place has been announced the non-hunting area in 1975 which is considered the first non-hunting wildlife area in Thailand. The reserve has the area of 285,625 fields covering 3 provinces which are Phatthalung, Songkhla and Nakhon Si Thammarat. Most of the area is a low land composing of rice fields, bog forests and grass fields totaling to 94% of land and 6% of water.

The sea is covered with assorted flora and interesting animals. Various species of waterfowls, migratory and indigenous birds make their home at ThaleNoi. Some live here throughout the year and some migrate only in winter from October to April when the population density is at its highest.Species that are prevalent here are those of herons andwhistling ducks found near the lotus area. The water lily grove is filled with pink lotuses which are very pleasant to look at during the early morning since it is the time when they are blooming. Also, Krajood Noo grove is the shelter for birds and freshwater animals. To touch Krajood Noo has to be done in a careful way as the plant is fragile and has a sharp edge. Other highlights include Nang Riam Pavilion located at Nang Riam canal surrounded by water with the dense capacity of 30 people. The pavilion offers a relaxing spot with chilled atmosphere which is why this is the popular lunch spot for tourists. Nan Riam canal is connected to Songkhla Lake filled with various flowers and trees at both sides of the canal including cork trees, garlic pears, paper bark trees, water lilies, Linjong lotuses and many more. Before heading home, we recommend ThaleNoi Village where you can experience the local lifestyle from local people and do some little shopping of the famous goods including sack products varying from hats, bags, mats to coasters. Also, pickled catfish is a must.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th