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  Wat Nakhon Chum
Catagorize: Temple
Contact: Thanon Phichit-Wang Chik, Amphoe Mueang, Phichit

WatNakhon Chum


WatNakhon Chum is an ancient temple which, according to historical scriptures, was built during the time when Sukothai was the capital of Siam. It was then called ‘WatYai’. The temple was used to hold the oath of allegiance drinking ceremony, so it was named ‘WatNakhon Chum’, which means the place where many people gather. During the early period of the city of Phichit, WatNakhon Chum served as a residence of the monk dean of Phichit Province. At present, it is still an important temple where people come to pay respect and make merits. 


The old ubosot of WatNakhon Chum was damaged so LuangPhorPhan, the head of restoration committee, had it rebuilt. Later on, WatNakhon Chum was united with WatKhemaphirataram, a connecting abandoned temple which was also built during Sukothai era, and the ubosot of WatKhemaphirataram became the ubosot of WatNakhon Chum. 


On the east, there is an ancient ubosot which was built during the period of Sukothai and has over 800 years old. The building was built from brick and clay. The wooded roofing was fastened together by treenails instead of metal nails. There are ventilators serving as windows. The ancient building used to house LuangPhorPhet, an important and respectable Buddha image of Phichit Province. The image is now situated at WatThaLuang. Nowadays, the ubosot houses a large image of Buddha which was built from brick and clay according to Sukothai art. The Buddha image was restored and recovered with gold leaf. 


WatNakhon Chum is located at Moo 8, Ban Muang Kao, Muang Kao Sub District, Muang District. It is 9 kilometres from the city centre. To get to the temple by car, take Phichit-Wang Chik Road (a road built on the old city wall).




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