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  Wat Tha Luang
Catagorize: Temple
Contact: Thanon Butsaba, Tambon Nai Mueang, Amphoe Mueang, Phichit

WatThaLuang is a common-type third-class temple where River Nan flows past at the front.

At present, the temple is also called WatRachaDittharam, but the name ‘WatThaLuang’ is more common. The temple is located at No. 674 on Butsaba Road, NaiMuang Sub Distric (formerly named ThaLuang Sub District), MuangPhichit District, Phichit Province, 66000. ‘LuangPhorPhet’ is the main Buddha image of the temple. 


The temple area is divided into two parts, with Butsaba Road running in the middle from north to south. The eastern part is an area for religious activities, which is comprised of the ubosot and the multipurpose hall. The western part mainly contains the monastery, the school of dharma studies, the cremation area and the area where Buddhists carry out their dharma practice.Two important images of Buddha are situated in this part: LuangPhorPhat and LuangPhorPhet. LuangPhorPhat was formerly a main Buddha image of ThaLuang community. Earlier, the village, the canal, the sub district and the district used the same name. The district name was changed to MuengPhichit in 1938. In the past, WatThaLuang was used to hold the royal ceremony where the government would drink an oath of allegiance to demonstrate their loyalty to the king.    


LuangPhorPhet is a Buddha image with beautiful aspect of early Chiang Saen era. The statue is a bronze cast and sits in diamond posture in Subduing Mara mudra. The piece of cloth worn by the image hangs over the chest. The image is 5.6 feet wide and 6.25 feet tall. The throne where the image sits is anupside-down lotus base.


The long-tailed boat traditional competition at WatThaLaung started around 1997, when LuangPhor Chao KhunThammathatsi-Muniwong (Eiam) became the temple’s abbot and the monk dean of Phichit Province. The festival will be held in the first week of September. At the beginning, the competition lasted only for one day. However,as WatThaLuang is the only temple in MuangPhichit municipal area, the festival was very popular among people and the festive days have been expanded. 


Tourists can stop by to pay respect to LuangPhorPhet for a blessing. The ubosot is open daily from 6.30 – 18.00. Those who come during the long-tailed boat competition in early September are welcome to enjoy the festival.  



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