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Contact: - Tel. +66 5651 4982

It is a significant place that you cannot miss. It possesses a scenic landscape in which mountains arein tandem with white rocks, which resemblesa unique crouching elephant and an unrivalled golden spherical pagoda which was constructed in the temple. This uniqueness is not to be missed. The pagoda was restored around 20 years ago. Originally, the former pagoda was decorated with golden glazed tile covering the body and surrounded withfences. Tourists can go up by using 136-step Naga ladders. Once visiting the hill, touristscan admire scenery ofthe heart of Pichit and TaphanHin. Moreover, the temple has constructed a grand vihar and an ancient pagoda in style of Lanka, which is a square-based stupa with 12 indented corners,a bell in shape of a leaf of star fruits; however, the top of pagoda was broken. The mondapa is an ancient building with four gable ends near the new monastery which installs the bronze Buddha’s foot print and mural printing on three worlds. The pagoda is assumed to be built in the Ayuddhaya Era. Inside the temple is a small-scale zoo. Around the pavilion on water are many big fish. Moreover, one of Phichit’s most remarkable monk teachers,Luang Pho Tieng, lived and built his ownmuseum for the posterity.

For those interested in visiting, the temple is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00p.m. Tourists can contact Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) of AmphoeMuangUthaithani official, Pichit Province. For more details, tourists can call 056 514 982.


Website: http://www.tourismthailand.org