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Wat Thap KloWat Thap Klo or Suan Phra Photisat was established by Phra Det Phra Kun Luang Phor Phra Maha Koson, who observe the opening ceremony by inviting Than Chao Phra Kun Phra Ratcha Wimon Methi and Phra Det Phra Kun Luang Phor Phra Kru Pawana Worakun (Luang Phor Ket Madi), the abbot at Wat Ket Madi Si Wararam in Samut Sakhon Province, to perform the opening ceremony of the board presenting Buddha’s kindness and the board that shows the ten abbots’ names on February 23, 1977. Changing the area from a desolate land, Phra Det Phra Kun Luang Phor Phra Maha Koson had local people grow trees, especially Bodhi trees which are auspicious, grow easily, and can provide shade. It is a tree where the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, enlightened the eternal truth of everything. There are also many other trees whose shade was provided for the former 27 Buddha as a place where they became enlightened, according to Buddhist belief. All of the trees here are grown by hand, making the desolate area turn to be the natural forest like present.

Suan Phra Photisat was announced to be a temple by the Ministry of Education and Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand. The temple was voted to be named Wat Thap Klo in September 24, 1992. Thap Klo District registered its 40th temple and granted it Wisung Kham Sima on September 29, 1998. The area of Wisung Kham Sima is 42 meters wide and 61 meters long with the total area of 111 Rai. It is connected to Mr. Amnuay and Mrs. Suree Sricharoen’s property in the north, Mr. Phrachuab Nikorn’s property in the south, a public canal in the west, and Mrs. Namkang Samcharoen’s property in the east.

Wat Thap Klo is located in the village number 1, Tap Klo Sub-district, Tap Klo District, Phichit Province, 66150.


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