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  Dong Charoen Grape Vineyard
Catagorize: Parks & Gardens

Dong Charoen Grape Vineyard (Kajorn Grape Farm)

This Grape Vineyard is a perfect place for tourists who like to absorb the beautiful atmosphere of the nature and the grape farm while tasting variety of brilliant wines which have been carefully selected and guaranteed. It is worth to visit this Dong Charoen Grape Vineyard or Kajorn Grape Farm. This 200 fields of grape farm offers the visitors the capturing view of the vineyard while they can also learn about vine process and grape selection for vine process which the farm choose Black Queen grapes for the production. Visitors can taste fresh grapes from the trees or drink wine during the guide tour of the vineyard from the beginning until the end of making wine process. As for the grape fruits, they are ready around March to April and during July to August. The best period to harvest the grape is during November to December.

For those who interest in visiting Dong Charoen Vineyard (Kajorn Grape Farm), it is located at Talingchan Road-Bung Sampan, 15 kilometers away from Kajorn Farm(Ostrich Farm) or for more information, please contact 0 5663 3555-6, 0 2673 1153-4, 08 1675 4345.


To visit, travelling by car, take the highway 11. When reaching the intersection Bangmoolnak-Takfah-NakhornSawan, turn right and continue for another 13 kilometers. You will arrive at the farm. 


Website: http://www.ttourismthailand.org