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  Khachon Farm
Catagorize: Animal camps and shows
Contact: - Tel. +66 5651 4982

Khachon Farm (ostrich farm) is located in house number 121, village number 2, Wang Ngiu Sub-district, approximately 57 kilometers from the city center of Phichit Province. The tourists can take the route toward Taphan Hin District. When arriving at Ban Khao Sai, the tourists have to turn right to the highway number 11 for 12 kilometers until reaching Bang Mun Nak- Nakhon Sawan junction. After that, turn right and go along the same route to Gypsum mine for around 10 kilometers. At Ban khok sanan- Ban Taling Chan junction, there will be a road sign of the ostrich farm. From there, turn right for 7 kilometers. Then, turn left for another 3 kilometers and the tourists will arrive at Khachon Farm. 

This place is a perfect place for both tourists and ordinary people, especially families that wish to see rare animals; however, the farm’s real distinctive point is ostriches. There are around 1,000 ostriches in this farm; therefore, it is ranked at the very top place of Thailand’s largest ostrich farms. The farm imports ostriches from South Africa. The ostrich’s meat can be cooked in different ways, while the skins can be used to make belts and bags, and the hairs for accessories. Besides, its fat can be made into cosmetics; whereas, its bones can be made into beads. In addition, there are a lot of other animals around the farm for the tourists to see more, such as crocodiles in the pond, peacocks, deer, and wild boar. The farm provides the tourists shady areas from trees so that the tourists can relax and smell fresh air. There is also a restaurant for the tourists in the farm. Its special dishes are ostrich meat cooked in different styles and wine called Chateau De Chalawan. The accommodation, which is situated near the vineyard and Chalawan winery, costs from 2,300 to 7,750 baht. Moreover, the farm provides camping site and some activities for the tourists, such as horse carriages, trolleys, mountain bicycles, watercycles, and tower jump. Khachon Farm opens daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please Contact 0 5660 1004-5 or 0 5660 1006 (fax) or 0 2673 1153-4, 08 1657 4345.


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