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  Wat Triyang Wanaram (Wat Yang Sam Ton)
Catagorize: Temple


Wat Yang Sam Ton, or also called WatTriyang, was built a long time ago. The temple is located in NongPhra Sub District, Wang Sai Poon District, Phichit Province. The temple houses a vihan of the gigantic Buddha image ofLuangPhorNgernand other images of 25 famous monks. In 2003, the temple committee, the subdistrict headman LekChiamsrichai, NuangKeawphoka and SraPhongdam went to pay respect tothe deceased LuangPhorNgern at Wat Bang Klan in PhoThale District, Phichit Province, for fourtimes to ask for permission to build a statue of the monk, but failed to obtain any signal of approval. At the fifth visit, ChamlongChaichot, PramanKhamkhian and Dr. ChaweewanRattana joined the group. NuangKeawphoka then dreamt of the monk who came and said “If you guys want me to stay, do not let me stay under the sun or rain”.  The committee took that as a good signal so they proceeded to raise fund to build the statue. The Buddha image of LuangPhorNgern is a bronze cast with eyes made from sapphire from Karnchanaburi. It is 2.7 metre wide and 3.53 metre tall. The vihan is built from ferro-concrete with polished stone flooring and tiled roof. The building is 7 metre wide and 10 metre tall. Completed in 2005, construction budget totaled 12,050,000 baht.The temple became an important religious site where people WaiSai Poon District and nearby provinces came to pay respect and receive a blessing.



Wat Yang Sam Ton is located by Highway No. 11, NongPhra District, Phichit Province.

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