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  Baan Wong Buri
Catagorize: Landmarks and Memorials
Contact: Tambon Naiweing, Amphoe Mueang, Phrae Tel. +66 5462 0153

Baan Wong Buri is a house of the royalty of Phrae in the past, built in 1897 A.D.(King Rama V) by Madam Buata Mahayotpanya, the first wife of Vassal Prince Piriya Tephawong(the last Vassal Prince of Phrae) and a sister of Phya Burirat. Later on, the house was handed down to Chao Phrom(Luang Phongpiboon) and Chao Sunantha Wong Buri, the daughter of Phya Burirat. At the moment, it belongs to Mr.Sahayot Wongburi, the fifth generation.

    Before opening the house to the public, there were not only visitors who wished to see the house, but also magazines and production companies who asked to use the house as their location. The event that made the house become real famous was being the cover of Osotho Booklet. After that, the owner decided to officially open the house in 1997.

    Baan Wong Buri is located in 50 Kham Leu Road (behind Phrae Governor House, Phra Non Neu intersection and near Pong Sunan Temple), Wiang sub-district, Muang district, Phrae. The house is made of teak wood, and harmoniously mixed with European style by Gingerbread texture. This texture, beautifully designed as gingerbread, was first known in Thailand during King Rama IV.

    It was built by technicians from Guangdong, China, and a thai technician as an assistant. It was designed to have brick and cement base situated one meter above the ground floor with two roof vents air between two layers to increases the flow. Therefore, the house still has cool breeze facing south-west winds in summer.

    Baan Wong Buri won the Conservation Award in 1993 by the Associations of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage. The house has been used as a filming location several times and published in numerous books. It also serves traditional food of Northern Thailand for visitors. The  reservation must be made in advance.


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