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  Wat Sa Bo Kaeo
Catagorize: Temple
Contact: Tambon bo Khaeo, Amphoe Mueang, Phrae

Wat Sa Bo Kaeo or also known as Wat Jong Klang is a temple which was built by Burmese people living on Nam Kue Road and Yan Tarakit Koson Road. This temple is also known as Wat Sam Poh (The Three Poh Temple) because the Burmese who built this temple came form 3 Poh families. The first to start the construction in 1876 was Mong Poh Arn. After Mong Poh Arn's death, Mong Poh Yin and his wife, Aunu, along with the Burmese from Bago, Yangon, and Mandalay, renovated the temple once again. There was only one Burmese monk, Phra U-Mala staying at the temple at that time. After U-Mala had passed away, no one took care of the temple causing it to be abandoned for several years until 1965-1966, when the Burmese from Poh family, Mong Poh Seng and his wife Mae Chan took care of the temple and found a Burmese monk to be the abbot whose name was Phra U-Panya Siri Nanta on 10th July 1995. The current abbot, Lhuang Por Som Neuk Kantijaro, was promoted on 23rd July 1997. There are many important historical sites and antiques. The Buddha image hall is in Burmese-styled architecture, similar to Wat Chom Sawan, which is used as a temple, a pavilion, and a monk's house. The roof was originally built with wood but later changed into tiles. The 2-story ubosot is used only on religious ceremonies. The Buddha image in this temple was brought from Mandalay. It is made of one marble, imitating Phra Maha Anyamanee. The image was carved delicately and covered with gold leaf all over except the face. Because the image is all cover with gold, it is soft which is why the town people call it “Phra Chao Nuer Nim” (The Soft Buddha Image). At 4 o'clock in the morning everyday, the face must be poured with Thai style fragrant water.
Another interesting thing is Shin Upagutta Buddha Image which Lanna people highly respect and believe that Shin Upagutto is still alive, living in the middle of the ocean. On Wednesday on every full moon, it is when Shin Upagutta goes about with a bowl to receive food and gives a sermon. It is said that those who meet Upagutta on that day will be lucky and successful in everything. Moreover, Wat Sa Bo Kaeo also holds an important festival, the Midnight Upagutta Food Offering, on the full moon on Wednesday according to Thai lunar calendar. (In 2011, the festival was held at midnight of 14th January and 11th October)
Wat Sa Bo Kaeo is located at 138 Nam Kue Road, Tambon Vieng, Amphoe Muang, Phrae. For more information, please contact the Provincial Public Relations. Tel. 0 5567 1466 or visit http://www.tourismthailand.org/phrae


Website: http://www.ayutthayacitypark.com