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Catagorize: Caves

Tham Erawan: it is the most beautiful cave in Prae with the depth of 200 meters. inside, there is a vast space full of stalagmites in shapes of Erawan and mythical pregnant woman. Tham Erawan is a big cave accessible via winding 600-stepped stair. There is a big Buddha image at the cave’s entrance which leads to a huge hall naturally decorated with rock formation where the folk tale “The Woman with Sweet-scented Hair (Nang Pom Hom)”.
    Tham Erawan and Kaeng Luang are both perfect places for rafting. Tham Erawan is also a well-known temple of Prae province located at Kaeng Luang Village, in Long district. To visit, from Long district, take the highway 11 Denchai-Lumpang. It will be easier to travel from Denchai as the road is newly constructed paving through the mountain and paving directly to National Park Protection Unit of PK (Pha Klong) with the distance of 8 kilometers.   
    If travelling from Prae city, take the road 1023 Prae-Long passing through Pha Klong National Park (Maharat Rock Garden) to Long district. Turn left to Mae Lu Village for about 11 kilometers. Though this route is a paved road, there are pits and holes along the way. It takes about almost half an hour before arriving at Mae Lu Village. Continuing for another 200 meters, there will be the Yom River bridge (turn right before reaching the village). Continuing on the gravel road, you will notice the sign pointing to Kaeng Luang for another 5.3 kilometers. When reaching the intersection, continue for another 1.5 kilometers, you will reach T-junction directing to Kaeng Luang train station. Turn left again, then cross the railway. You will see Kaeng Luang Police Station (Top Left), turn right and you will see Yom River Bridge. Take some photos here of the high mountains view. From there, continue for another 300 meters, you will arrive at National Park Protection Unit.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th