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  Phra That Phra Lo
Catagorize: Other religious & spiritural sites
Contact: Tambon Ban Klang, Amphoe Song, phrae



Phra That Phra Lo is an ancient remain that has a history related to Wiang Song (nowadays is Song District in Prae Province) which is the ancient town in Thai literature “Lilit Phra Lo”. Phra Sri San Phet, the Buddha statue of Song District, is also located here. There are the statues of Phra Lo, Phra Puen, and Phra Paeng in the temple. The former name of Phra That Phra Lo is “That Hin Som” since before the construction of Phra That Phra Lo, some bricks and orange stones was found. Later, the name was changed into “Phra That Phra Lo”. The construction is assumed to begin in late Ayutthaya era. Many ancient objects have been found here such as swords and bronze Buddha statues in late Ayutthaya art style. The pagoda here is in Lanka art style. It was royally granted in 1992. In 1978, the government of the province built the monument of Phra Lo, Phra Puen, and Phra Paeng in the temple. They are 3 kings who were killed by the arrows of a soldier. The ceremony of praying to Phra That Phra Lo is held every year on the 15th day of waxing moon in the 7th northern month. Phra That Phra Lo is situated in Baan Klang Sub-District on the Public Route No. 1154 at 54th kilometer. It is about 3 kilometers away from Song District. It is over 400 years old. It was built was the monument of eternal love of Phra Lor of Man Suang City and Phra Puen – Phra Paeng of Srong City.
Phra That Phra Lo is the reference of Thai literature named “Lilit Phra Lo” which is one of the oldest Thai literatures. It is assumed to be written in early Ayutthaya era. To visit here, use the Public Route No. 101 for about 24 kilometers. Turn left to the Public Route No. 103 and go straight for about 18 kilometers. Then turn right to Song District by using the route no. 1154. Then turn left for 3 kilometers.
Lilit Phra Lo is the well-written sorrow love story. It is full of aesthetics and poetic value. It gives the readers various emotions and scenes. The core of the story is the sorrow love with the implication of life’s truth. However, this literature was strongly criticized from some groups of litterateurs since they believe that the story contains sensuous lust.
Lilit Phra Lo is the sorrow love story between the leading male character named Phra Lo and two leading character named Phra Puen and Phra Paeng. The other two couples are Nang Ruen – Nang Roei and Nai Kaew – Nai Kwan, the nursemaids of Phra Puen and Phra Paeng respectively.
The story is entertaining with beautiful words. Even it is a long book (660 chapters) but the readers are not bored.

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