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Contact: Ban Na Nai, Tambon Thepkrasattri, Amphoe Thalang, Phuket Tel. -

Koh Phuket (Phuket Island) is known not only as a place possessing the most beautiful beach but also a historic place in Thailand’s history, especially for AmphoeTalang which is renowned for the valor of Khun Ying Jun and Khun Ying Mook. WatPratong or WatPrapud is a place collecting the great ranges of mythology and history in Phuket Island which has been told in generations. This temple is an ancient temple of the province. The miraculous tale belonging to the temple goes that a large Buddha image comes out of the ground by its head. Formerly, the place was a large field, a wide canal and a grass land to feed the cattle. Villagers call this field “Toong Na Nai” (the interior field). It is said that a lad took his buffalo into the field and tied it to a tree stump near a canal full of mud. Later the lad died of faint and so did his buffalo. Then his father dreamed that the cause of the death was due to the fact that the lad had tethered the buffalo to the head of a Buddha image so the father asked his neighbors to wash the tree stump and found out that the tree stump was a gold head of a Buddha image. After that, a great number of the villagers grouped together to pay respect to. Once hearing the news, the ruler of Phuket ordered his men to excavate the Buddha image in order to install in the monastery. He wasn’t able to do so because some villagers got stung to death by wasps. The ruler ordered to construct shelter for the visitor. The shelter is called “Gun Prapud” as the image came out of the ground by its head just 1 Sok. The Chinese call this “Pupuk” (Puhook) as they believe that the image made its way from China; therefore, during the Chinese New Year Festival, the Chinese in Phuket, Pang-nga, Taguapa,TaiMueng and Krabi come to revere the image every year as a tradition. In 1785, PrachaoPadung declared war on Talang, Burmese soldiers tried to dig the image back to Burma. Once digging, a large flock of wasps stung them so incessantly that they had to give up. Later on, villagers brought gold to envelope half of the image as appeared nowadays. In addition, the area is used as a location for “WatPratong Museum” which collects antiques from Phuket such as “Jung Sui” or raincoats of tin miners, shoes of the Chinese ladies who had to tie their feet so small, according to their custom.

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