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  Wat Phranang Sang
Catagorize: Temple, Historical Sites & Monuments
Contact: Tambon Thepkrasattri, Amphoe Thalang, Phuket Tel. -

WatPranangsang is a historic and religious site. Speaking of this temple, Phuket people would well recognize its long history since the temple was held as a military camp during the war in which Thais fought against the Burmese in 1785. The temple was established in 1758. The history goes that Nang Lued Kao (the white-blooded lady) who was then-wife of the head of Nakornsridhammarat was spoken ill of and accused of being a lover with a civil servant, which led to her capital punishment. Before being punished, she asked her husband to pay respect to the Buddha’s relics at Sri Lanka. During her return, she visited Talang in Koh Phuket and established a temple. Once completing her final mission, she was executed. Miraculously, her blood shedding out of her body became white instead of red. Since then, she has been called “PranangLued Kao” (the white-blooded lady) and the temple that she built before her death has been called “WatPranangsang” (the temple that the lady built).

Three ancient tin Buddha images, largest in the world, are installed inside the monastery. They are called “Pranaipoong” (Buddha images in the abdomen) or “Three King Buddha images” in the abdomen of the three large Buddha images on another floor. Near the monastery entry, you will see the undegraded body of LuangPohSiem (LuangPohBai) in the glass box.


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