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  Si Mahosot Ancient Town
Catagorize: Village, Community, Historical Sites & Monuments

Si Mahosot Ancient Town is located Baan Kok, Tambon Kok Peep, Si Mahosot District, Prachin Buri. These sites were constructed in the Davaravati Period, with oval shape on the area of about 700 Rai. There are moats, earth walls, and more than 100 interesting ancient venues. Most of the archeological materials are related to Hinduism, for example, a graven image of Shiva lingam, Hindu phallic symbol of creative power. The significant site is in the middle of the town dating from the 18th centuries B.E. It is a group of sacred temples made of laterite with bricks on the top. On the back, there is a well made of laterite. Ancient objects found are raven images and ruins of earthenwares from Lopburi, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, and Ratanakosin periods. Phu Khao Thong (Golden Mount) is a chedi round in shape like an upside down bell from the Davaravati Period. The ancient site no.25 is a rectangle temple made of laterite dating back between the 11th and the 12th centuries B.E. Sa Kaeo Ancient Site is an ancient pool excavated to the natural laterite bed. The pool has stairs on four edges with bas-relief sculptures of various animals. The animals are concerned as high-class such as elephant, lion, and snake. Therefore, the pool was assumed to be a sacred place dating between the 6th and the 11th centuries B.E., used to perform religious ceremonies. It is located on the southwest of Si Mahosot town.

The town is 20km away from Prachin Buri town. Drive on highway no.319 and turn left at the 130th kilometre marker towards highway no.3070 and drive for 1 km. The ancient town is located on the righthand side. It scatters around the area. It is accessible through many roads. This town is suitable especially for those who are interested archeological sites as well as those who would like to come with their family on a holiday.


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