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  Khao Tao
Catagorize: Beaches & Bay, Islands
Contact: Between Km 243 and 244 markers, 13 kilometers south of Hua Hin Tel. -

Khao Tao has many attractions. Let’s start off with Khao Tao Beach, one of the three continuous beaches with the other two being Suan Son Pradipat Beach and Khao Takiap Beach. Being a peaceful beach with white sand and beautiful shallow waters, it is an interesting place to visit.

If you are looking for a small beach that is not so busy, pay a visit to “Sai Noi Beach”, a 300-metre-long beach lying between two mountains. It was once peaceful and not so popular among tourists, visited only by locals. It features quite a steep beach resulting in larger waves than usual. When breaking on the shore, they make a loud noise and create lots of foam, making the beach look more fascinating than any other. Furthermore, there are rock formations north of the beach where you can get a fantastic view and go fishing. 

For those who would like to visit a place of worship, “Wat Tham Khao Tao” is the right place for you. The temple is located on Khao Tao Peak with some of its parts constructed in the likeness of a natural cavern. As you walk along the path from the entrance, you will see statues of several persons including a bodhisattva, Luang Pu Thaut, Katyayana, etc. Also, don’t miss paying your respect to “Phra Buddha Sakya Jina Maharaj”, which is hosted on the hilltop. As a Sukhothai-style Buddha image with a lap size of 9.99 metres, it is absolutely beautiful. 

To get to Khao Tao, drive 13 kilometres along the road from Hua Hin Town. Between the 243rd and 244th milestones, there will be a road branching from Phetkasem Road, the main thoroughfare. Drive about one kilometre along that local road to get to the destination.    


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th