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Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves

  Thailand’s 70th National Park, Namtok Huai Yang National Park, covers over 100,635 rai of land in Mueang District, Thap Sakae District, and Bang Saphan District, Prachaup Khiri Kan Province. Most of the terrain is high mountains on the Tenasserim Range which rises 200 – 800 feet above sea level. The Range bordering Thailand and Myanmar is an important water source, giving birth to a number of beautiful waterfall; for example, Namtok Huai Yang, Namtok Khao Lan, Namtok Huai Hin Dat, Namtok Kha-On and Namtok Bua Sawan. Moreover, the National Park is home to many species of flora and fauna, giving shades and pleasant atmosphere fitting for relaxation and recreation. In addition, to the east of the park is the beach along the shoreline of the Andaman Ocean. Namtok Huai Yang National Park is without doubt another attractive, perfect destination worthy for a visit.      

1. Namtok Huai Yang is a small, 9-tiered waterfall, where 5 tiers are open for visit. Thanks to its convenient location near the office of the National Park and its scenic landscape, the waterfall is very popular among visitors. Tree and rock here are stunning. There are recreation areas for a swim or a walk on each tier. The most beautiful tier is the fourth tier with the spot to watch sunrise, while the fifth tier is the best place to catch the view of the stream falling from a high cliff. Visitors can enjoy interesting nature study routes at Namtok Huai Yang. However, a visit during the rainy season can be dangerous due to chances of flooding.       

2. Namtok Khao Lan is beautiful waterfall. Small brooks for swimming can be seen along the way to the waterfall. Arriving at the ridge, one can watch the stream flowing over the 50-metre cliff. The basin on the top of the fall is suitable for swimming. Tourists usually visit Namtok Khao Lan from July to January.  

3. Namtok Huai Din Dat comprises a lower 6-metre-wide brook and the 5-tiered waterfall, where one tier closely leads to another as the waterfall is located in a steep-sided valley. Namtok Huai Din Dat is 50 km to the south of the office of the National Park.

4. Namtok Kha-On (Thap Morn) is located in Bang Saphan district, 60 km to the south of the office of Namtok Huai Yang National Park and near the Thai-Burmese border. The waterfall is a unique attraction because it can be visited all year round. A walk around this beautiful, 9-tiered fall takes about an hour.  

5. Khao Luang Peak is the highest mountain of the Tenasserim Range, the complicated mountain chain that gives birth to rivers and forests in Namtok Huai Yang National Park. Trekking lovers can take the 7 km route to reach the peak of Khao Luang in approximately 5 hours. The highest point is 1,251 metres above sea level. This is the scenic point where the Tenasserim Range lies stunningly across the skyline, making a tiring trip a worthwhile journey.   

For interested travellers, Namtok Huai Yang National Park is located 300 km from Bangkok. The park can be visited within a day. There are two houses for lodging while campers must bring their tent along.

Contact: Namtok Huai Yang National Park, Tambon Huai Yang, Thap Sakae District, Prachuap Khiri Kan Province, 77130. Call 0 3261 9743; or contact: Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation. Call 0 2562 0760 or see www.dnp.go.th.



Website: http://www.nfe.go.th/