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Catagorize: Waterfalls
Contact: Mu 4 Tambon Ratchakrut, Amphoe Mueang, Ranong Tel. +66 4053 8783, +66 7784 8181

Ton Petch Waterfall is located in the Sub-District of Rat Cha Krood, the District of Maung in the Province of Ranong. It is merely 29 kilometers away from Ranong city centre. Originally, Ton Petch Waterfall was under the supervision of Nam TokNgao National Park but later it was changed to Pa Kuan Mae Yai Mon Wildlife Conservation Centre.

Ton Petch is a large waterfall comprising of altogether 11 levels, with each being uniquely and equally beautiful. The waterfall runs passes curves and edges naturally rendered through years, offering a beautiful scene. TheTon Petch waterfall has its origination from PorTa Chong Dong Mountains which is one of the highest mountain ranges in the province. The first level of the Tong Petch fall is around 10 metres in height, with cool clean water running down into a pool. Further up are the other 9 levels which are mostly covered with tall trees and lush green bushes of the rainforest which surrounds it. As visitors will have to walk long distances through the rainforest, it is recommended to be in good health and comfortable shoes. To have enough time to relish the surroundings and wander through this natural site, visitors need at least 1 day here.

In visiting Ton Petch Waterfall, visitors need to park their vehicles at the village nearby and contactHuay Nam Sai village leader for it is necessary to walk through private yards. Although the village and the actual waterfall aren’t far apart, but there is not an exact route and it is quite adventurous (there will be occasional climbing needed), it is better for locals to lead the way. Ton Petch fall remains as one of those waterfalls, which are still undestroyed by over crowdedness. The lush green rainforest and its cool surroundings will welcome thrill-seekers for a remarkable trip.

The waterfall is open daily for visits from 08:00 -17:00 hrs. Please be reminded that it is not advisable to return after sunset as you will need to travel on foot and there is no smooth footpath.

Website: http://www.siampearlhuahin.com