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Catagorize: Islands
Contact: Tambon Ko Pha Yam, Amphoe Mueang, Ranong Tel. +66 7781 3840, +66 7781 3841

Koh Chang is the largest island in the Province of Ranong. The name Koh Chang (elephant) is adopted from its shape which is elephant-like. It has a total area of 18 square kilometers. The island is approximately 20 kilometers away from Ranong’s city centre and around 4 kilometers away from KohPhayam. Koh Chang is home to 80 families who are mostly cashew nut farmers. One of Thailand’s best cashew nut produces are from Ranong. Another important local income source for villagers is from rubber trees and fishery. Housewives in the area have recently set up a cashew nut processing centre which creates substantial amounts of cashew nut fruit wine and an array of cashew nut preserved snacks. 

During the visit, tourists will be enchanted by the flock of NokKak (small hornbills) flying back and forth from Koh Chang and nearby islands. As bird shooting is strongly prohibited in the area of Koh Chang, NokKakare familiar having people around. They can be seen year round except from march to April where they migrate for the nesting season.

Koh Chang offers exciting activities including:

Taking walks to Koh Chang’s viewpoint. This will take up to 3-4 hours depending on walking speed. A guide is necessary for this activity; prices are 100 THB per person or 300 THB for groups of 10.

Cycling is another interesting activity. Visitors are promised to be offered with one of the most beautiful and diverse cycling routes ever experienced. Cyclists will pass through cashew nut yards, shady rubber tree fields, untouched rainforests topped with sightseeing of little colourful crabs.

Bird Watching is a popular choice! Although there are various kinds of birds in Koh Chang area, NokKak are the most popular. These little creatures are familiar having lots of people nearby as Koh Chang strongly restricts bird shooting.

Herbal Sauna at Koh Chang Temple

Koh Chang always greets its visitors with its beautiful beaches especially those facing the Andaman Sea. The east of Koh Chang lies Chao Lay Cove (fisherman’s cove) while the north is home of Kor Cove. The magic of Koh Chang is the simple lifestyle of local residents which has intertwined with the ocean, adding a serene and peaceful charm to the village.

Koh Chang separates its beaches into 2 parts. During high tides the northern end of the shore is over a kilometers in length while the southern end is approximately 800 metres in length, extending as far as Nang Koy Cape. At the front of the temple is a pier which is also a walkway leading to Yai Cove’s viewpoint. Just off the beach, to the left hand side is a rocky area which is home to various kinds of fish and other marine lives. People who enjoy fishing and snorkeling are recommended to pay a visit to the area. At the very south, further from Nang Koy Cove is Ta Dang Beach. It is a small and peaceful beach that offers the most stunning views of sunsets. Ta Dang Beach provides visitors with many kinds of accommodation.

Website: http://www.kohchang-ranong.com