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  Sai Dum Beach
Catagorize: Beaches & Bay
Contact: - Tel. +668 9939 7373

Sai Dum Beach is nestled in Phayam Islands National Park on Sai Dum Island. Sai Dum Beach is a small village located at the cape of one of Ranong’s larger islands. Close to the town is a black sand beach which is formed from years of sediments from mangrove trees piling up. As the beach is a cape extended out into the sea, leaves and deposit are easily trapped. Sai Dum Beach isn’t recommended for swimming, but instead for taking in its uniqueness. To the south of Sai Dum beach is Por Cove which offers a serene viewpoint as well as anuntouched rainforest area. The LaemMakarn rainforest is a recommended attraction as its ecological system is close to being perfect. As of Sai Dum beach, it is most recommended for ecological tourism.

Sai Dum Island is still rich in natural resources as well as wild life – terrestrial animals, aquatic animals, reptiles and various types of plants. The island offers exciting activities including hiking through the rainforest, enjoying shrimp paste making or enhance your knowledge on rainforests by taking a 4 kilometer walk through rainforests.

Activities include beach fun, view enjoyment and cherish local culture and traditional practices. Sai Dum Beach welcomes visitors to experience its charming beauty daily from 08:30 – 16:30. After 16:30 visitors have an option of firefly watching. It is necessary to make reservations and arrangements with the staff prior to your arrival at Tel: 08 9939 7373

Website: http://www.kohchang-ranong.com