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Catagorize: Museums

Ratchaburi National Museum is located near the Clock Tower by Mae Klong River on Woradej Road, Na Muang District, Maung District of Ratchaburi Province. It was established on November 20, 1986. The building is the previous building of Ratchaburi’s city hall with an inspiration from Western architectural style as appeared in its doors, windows, posts, corners and arches. It was built in 1922 in the reign of King Rama VI and was renovated by the Fine Arts Department to become the National Museum in 1988. It has been renovated for many times until in 1991 that the museum had an official opening ceremony presided by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. It is a museum exhibiting history and changes in each period of time of Ratchaburi province. It displays ancient artifacts, local culture of Ratchaburi, daily utensils and the ways of life of each group of people living in Ratchaburi; Lao Song, Karens and Tai-Yuan. It also features tourist destinations in Ratchaburi. We can say that the place gives both knowledge and entertainment. 

Exhibitions inside the museum have been divided into 5 categories;

•Geography and natural history of Ratchaburi

•History and archaeology of Ratchaburi displayed in chronological order since Prehistoric Era. Apart from Pra Saeng Ratcha Sarstra (royal sword) of Ratchaburi province, this exhibition also include the statue of irradiant Bodhisattva, a work of Khmer’s Bayon art, 1 of 5 statues that has found Thailand in a very good condition.

•Ethnology of Ratchaburi exhibits the story of variety of people in terms of nationalities and ethnics living in Ratchaburi such as Thai people of Central region, the Thai-Chinese, Tai-Yuan, Thai-Mon, Thai-Karens, Thai-Lao Song, Thai-Lao Wiang and Thai- old Khmer Lao.

•Outstanding heritages

•Ratchaburi Today is an exhibition on Ratchaburi province nowadays in various aspects such as tourism


Ratchaburi National Museum opens daily from 8.30 a.m. to 16.30 p.m. and closes on Monday, Tuesday and holidays. Entrance fees are 20 baht for Thai (free for children) and 100 baht for foreigners. Students in school uniforms, monks of any religion and group of government authorities can visit the museum with free entrance.

Apart from group tour, the museum also provides educational lecture and library for archaeology-related research and information.

For more information, contact 032-321-513 or fax 032-327-235.


Website: http://www.hospital.moph.go.th/ranong