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  Khao Ngu Adventure Park
Catagorize: Outdoor activity and adventure sites
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Khao Ngu Adventure Park is located in the limestone mountain area of Khao Ngu Park, Ko Phlapphla Subdistrict, Mueang Ratchaburi District. Originally, it was Thailand’s major quarry and crushing plant in the Rattanakosin Period. After that, the landscape of this area got worse and Khao Ngu was also an ancient sacred place; therefore, the quarry and crushing plant concession was terminated, turning Khao Ngu into an abandoned mine. The local government of Ratchaburi then developed the site into a park and an archaeological attraction. In addition, a massive Buddha image was engraved on a cliff with lasers. Later on, an adventure zone called “Khao Ngu Adventure Park” was established so as to provide adventure seekers with the following activities:

1.Flying Fox: It is an activity that allows participants to travel along an inclined cable. With a length of 170 metres, the cable of the Flying Fox here is considered the longest in Thailand. Fixed between two mountains, it enables riders to travel from one end to the other, passing a pond by holding on to a pulley. How fun the activity is depends on how fast the pulley is propelled, which depends on your weight. Apart from a zip-line, rappelling is provided by the park. 

2.Via Ferrata: Imported from Italy, it is an activity that resembles mountain climbing. Iron rungs are installed on a cliff with a steel cable running along the iron rung route. Besides, a via ferrata kit is used to secure climbers to the cable.  

3.Rope Bridge: This activity requires participants to cross a rope bridge strung tens of metres above the ground between two mountains. When crossing, you have to balance yourself since there is only one cable that supports you; however, lanyards and carabiners are provided to secure you to another cable that runs along the route. 

4.Rock Climbing: Set up particularly for rock climbers, it is divided into three zones by difficulty levels. With a height varying from 15 to 20 metres, Zone A, which is the easiest level, is suitable for beginners and even small children.

For those not adventurous at heart, kayaking and ATV riding are also provided by the park. 

Contact information:

PROCLIMBER & ADVENTURE: Tel. 0-2211-5053 or 08-9777-1620

How to get here:

From Bangkok, use Phetkasem Road to Ratchaburi. Drive past Muangraj Hospital and turn right at the Khao Ngu intersection. Then drive to Khao Ngu Adventure Park, located near the Khao Ngu Municipal Office.


Website: http://www.hospital.moph.go.th/ranong