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  Khao Prathap Chang Wildlife Sanctuary
Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves
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The Khao Prathap Chang Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at the foot of Khao Prathap Chang Peak, opposite to the Tham Khao Bin Cave, covering part of Hin Kong Subdistrict, Mueang Ratchaburi District and part of Pak Chong Subdistrict, Chom Bueng District. It is administered by the Royal Forest Department. With natural forest on the mountain and a clifftop reservoir, it is a shady natural park that gathers different kinds of plants mentioned in Thai literature. Moreover, from December to April, purely white Bauhinia winitii Craib flowers bloom, making the site the right place for relaxing and learning about plants. From October to November, the site will turn to be the right place for affording good views and watching wildlife as well as birds. The animals found here include, for example, monkeys, langurs, porcupines, pangolins, rabbits, squirrels, treeshrews, butterfly lizards, civets, genets, mongooses, elongated tortoises, pheasants, red junglefowls, etc. Around the clifftop reservoir is natural forest which attracts bird watchers, particularly from November to February of every year which is when teals migrate here from Siberia.

In addition, another interesting activity is hiking on a nature trail called “Phrueksa Nana Phan”, literally meaning various kinds of plants. It has 13 stations and is 900 metres long. It takes 45 minutes to complete the journey. Found along the trail are plants mentioned in Thai literature including herbs and provincial flowers.

Furthermore, in January and June of every year, the Literary Botanical Garden of Central Thailand together with Muban Chom Bueng Rajabhat University will organise a marathon as well as a mountain bike marathon. 

Additionally, located near the wildlife sanctuary is the Khao Prathap Chang Wildlife Breeding Centre, a wildlife breeding centre and the largest Felidae breeding centre. The site consists of a shady park with many trees of different sizes and animals cages which contain various types of wildlife, birds and pheasants. Also, tourists can donate animal food or money to buy food for tigers and other animals. Moreover, accommodations are provided for visitors by the centre. However, as the centre belongs to the government, permission is required before entering.  

Operating hours:

Every day from 8:30 to 16:30

Contact information:

The office: 0-3221-1025 Ext 807, Head of the wildlife sactuary: 08-1918-6345 or 08-9826-8806, Coordinators: 08-9510-7066, Public relations: 08-6163-1871

How to get here from Bangkok:

Bus: Take the Bangkok-Chom Bueng bus and get off in front of Tham Khao Bin and the Literary Botanical Garden of Central Thailand. The wildlife sanctuary is located opposite to Tham Khao Bin.

Car: Drive along Highway 3087, Ratchaburi-Chom Bueng-Suang Phueng Road, as far as the 18th milestone.







Website: http://www.hospital.moph.go.th/ranong