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  Roi Et Aquarium
Catagorize: Zoos and Aquariums
Contact: - Tel. 66 4351 1286

Roi Et Aquarium is located at the lake, adjacent to the west side of Bung Phalan Chai on Suntarathep Road in front of Wat Bung Phalan Chai, Muang District. This is the new tourist attraction of Roi Et people. The aquarium exhibits freshwater fish and animals and information of them. The construction was completed on 12 February 2002.

The total area of the aquarium is 2 rai, 2 ngaan, and 17.6 square wah. There are 2 connected buildings. The first building consists of exhibition room, office, ticket counters, and souvenir shops.

The second building has 2 floors. The first floor is the freshwater animal exhibition including 24 small built-in aquariums. The large aquarium is located at the center of the building. It is 8 meters wide and 16 meters long. This will regularly exchange with the aquarium of sick freshwater animals. There is also a glass tunnel where visitors can walk and see animals closely from every direction.

The second floor has clarifiers, water filters, and stored animals.

The landscape out of the buildings has been adjusted to be the garden. Many flower plants are planted around the buildings. There is also parking area for visitors.

The aquarium is opened from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. from Wednesday to Sunday. It is closed on Monday, Tuesday, and public holidays. There is no admission fee but visitors can donate for animals’ food. For more information, please contact 0 4351 1286.


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