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  Bueng Kluea
Catagorize: Dam,Reservoir, Lake
Contact: Bueng Kluea sub-district, Selaphum district, Roi Et province 45120 Tel. -

Bueng Kluea or called Bung Kluea by villagers is situated in Bueng Kluea sub-district, Selaphum district, Roi Et province. It is about 10 km from Selaphum district to the east. 

It is a large water source covering a total area of 7,500 rai, with water all year round. On the west of the pond, there is a vast white sandy beach about nearly one km. The water is fresh not salty with a wide variety of aquatic lives. It is a conservation source of lesser whistling ducks and one of the favorite tourist spots of Roi Et province.

About 200 years ago, this area was a low-lying area with a basin and many streams such as Nong Sang Chan, Nong Wai, Nong Ben etc. It is covered with dense trees and there are different kinds of wildlife. In the dry season, the water in the basin and land are dry, as a result, grains of salt are found in this area. Villagers often boil them to make salt for domestic use. Its name derived from  “Bueng Kluea”.

Currently, Roi Et improves the beauty of landscape to accommodate tourists throughout the year.  Floating restaurants serving northeastern food are also provided.  Visitors enjoy taking a rest and playing water sports, particularly during festivals and holidays, when a large number of people visit this place. It is a place for relaxation because of fresh nature, pure air and gorgeous scenery. 

Since the atmosphere of this area is a beach that looks like sea, residents and tourists call it “Bueng Kluea Thale Isan”. 

To get there, those interested in visiting this place can take Highway 23 from the district passing Thawat Buri district and upon arriving at Selaphum district, take Highway 2259 for 10 km, turn left and continue about 8 km further.


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