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  Ku Phra Kona
Catagorize: Other religious & spiritural sites
Contact: Ban Ku, Mu 2, Sa Khu sub-district, Suwannaphum district, Roi Et province 45130 Tel. -

Ku Phra Kona is situated at Ban Ku, Mu 2, Sa Khu sub-district, Suwannaphum district, Roi Et province. It is an ancient site with the Khmer architecture. Its size is moderate and not too large.

 Ku Phra Kona comprises three east-facing brick pagodas lying in the north – south direction, facing to the east. It is surrounded by a boundary wall, with entrance pavilions. 

The central pagoda was plastered and the roof was made into tiers. Each tier has niches of Buddha images in four directions. The front of the central pagoda was a ‘wihan’ of the Buddha’s footprint, decorated with the original six-headed Naga. 

The northern pagoda was covered with a ‘sala’ building providing shelter for a gable depicting the Ramayana. Meanwhile, the lintel carving that represents the reclining Vishnu remains in situ above the front entrance.

Additionally, in front, there is also a fallen lintel depicting the God Siva on his bull. There are also some causeway boundary stones lying over there. It is assumed that Ku Phra Kona formerly had a Naga bridge and causeway lined with boundary stones on both sides from the front entrance pavilion (Gopura) to the lake (Baray), which was located about 300 metres away. 

All sculptural features suggest that Ku Phra Kona probably dates from the Baphoun period, or the 15th and 16th Buddhist Centuries. It was assumed that Ku Phra Kona was built in the 16th Buddhist Century.

Visitors can visit this site daily. To get there: It is 60 km from Mueang district along Highway 215, passing Mueang Suang and Suwannaphum districts. Then, take Highway 214 for 12 km. The total distance is about 60 km from the province. Currently, a temple is built in the same area. There is a road to Ku Phra Kona that will be on the left-hand side. There is a rubber plantation at the entrance and a lot of monkeys residing in the temple.


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